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Our Twitch Viewer Bot Service is the most affordable way to meet Twitch Affiliate / Partner Program Criteria. There’s a package to fit every customer’s needs and budget.


Raids Included



This Package will help you to reach Twitch Affiliate Program Criteria.

    What’s included:

  • 20 Live Viewers
  • 15 Realistic Chatbots
  • 350 Followers in Drip Feed
  • 7 Raids Included
  • Customise ChatBot Messages
  • Advance Control Panel
  • Pause/Restart Feature
  • Loyalty Program
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • Free Prime subscription* (Growth and Partner only)
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Raids Included



This package will help you grow your viewers and followers organically.

    What’s included:

  • 35 Live Viewers
  • 25 Realistic Chatbots
  • 550 Followers in Drip Feed
  • 7 Raids Included
  • Customise ChatBot Messages
  • Advance Control Panel
  • Pause/Restart Feature
  • Loyalty Program
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • 1 Prime Subscription* ( Only if you are Affiliate )
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Raids Included



This package will help you reach Twitch Partner Program Criteria. We don't take guarantee of partner program approval.

    What’s included:

  • 85 Live Viewers
  • 40 Realistic Chatbots
  • 950 Followers in Drip Feed
  • 7 Raids Included
  • Customise ChatBot Messages
  • Advance Control Panel
  • Pause/Restart Feature
  • Loyalty Program
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • 3 Prime Subscription* ( Only if you are Affiliate )
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Built By Streamers, Perfected for Every Streamer

Our Twitch viewer bot service has all the features a streamer needs to start earning and grow their channel.

It Couldn’t Be Easier
Control Panel

The control panel lets you pause chatters, restart viewers, view remaining time, manage raids, and more. Read More about Control Panel

Choose Your Target Audience
Raid System

You can raid any of your favorite streamers and transfer your viewers to their channel. Read More about Raiding

Working Around the Clock
Unlimited Usage

Many other sites have a "Fair Usage Policy" that restricts continuous streaming for 7 or 30 days. We don't have any such policy, so you can stream as much as you want.

100% Real Followers
Customise Chatbot Messages

Customize your chatbot messages as much as you want. We offer unlimited revisions, allowing you to change messages whenever you wish.

True Organic Growth
DripFeed Viewers

Don't want all viewers instantly? No problem. You can set a custom interval, and viewers will join the stream in a slow drip feed manner.

Completely Hands Off
Loyalty Program

Earn money on every purchase. Withdraw loyalty points to your wallet and get an extra 10% discount. Learn More

“The Growth Package helped me reach Twitch Affiliate, grow my fanbase, and now I'm a Twitch Partner earning from my streams.”

500+ 5-Star Reviews Globally

Using the Growth Package, I became a Twitch Affiliate in 2 months. The increase in viewers was amazing.

Kevin IRL Streamer

I gained 550 followers after my channel was featured on the browse page. My channel's interaction skyrocketed.

Moe Valorant Streamer

FollowersPanda made it easy to hit Affiliate status. The viewers and chatbots were realistic and active

Noah ASMR Streamer

Twitch Viewer Bot Service: FAQ

What does Twitch Affiliate/Partner Plan mean?

Our Twitch Affiliate and Partner Plan is designed to help you meet the criteria for Twitch Affiliate and Partner status. We guarantee that we will help you reach the required criteria. However, we cannot guarantee that Twitch will approve your application, as this decision is entirely up to Twitch.

What if the criteria are not met?

We take pride in our high-quality service. If the criteria are not met, we will schedule a Google Meet call with you and our Twitch specialist to check and verify the issue. If there is a problem on our end, you will receive the same plan you purchased for free.

Has anyone become an Affiliate/Partner using your services?

Yes, many users who have purchased our services are now Twitch Affiliates, and some are even Partners. However, don't expect to buy the plan for one month and then immediately apply for Twitch Partner. Twitch will likely disapprove your application. You need to build up slowly over 3-4 months as your viewers and users watch your streams, which increases your approval chances.

Which countries are my viewers from?

Mostly from European Tier 1 countries.

I need to change my chatters' messages every day. How can I do this?

If you want to change your chatters' messages every day, you need to provide a .txt file with one message per line. Our chat executive will update the text for you. It's that easy.

How will the Prime Subscription be delivered?

Your plan must be Growth or Partner, and you must be a Twitch Affiliate. We cannot subscribe to Twitch Prime for you If you are a Twitch Affiliate. Secondly, you need to inform us when you are going online, and we will subscribe to your channel when you are live.

Followers DripFeed means that many people don't want all their followers at once. So if its written 5-7 days on checkout page that means your followers will be delivered in drip feed manner in 5 to 7 days. Our new Followers DripFeed system slowly adds followers to your channel, making it look realistic and not raising suspicion.

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