We are excited to introduce a new feature at FollowersPanda, an exclusive to our users: the Control Panel. Let's explore what the Control Panel is and how it functions.

Previously, we added a Loyalty Program that allowed users to earn 100s of dollars just by using FollowersPanda. Moving back to the Control Panel, if you have orders for Twitch Viewers or Twitch Chatters, you will find a button on your Orders Page labeled "Control Panel." Refer to the image below for details.

control panel button

Clicking the Control Panel button gives you access to exclusive data, including a Pause/Resume button for your orders. This feature allows you to pause your viewers or chatters temporarily until you resume the order again.

IMPORTANT: If you ordered a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly service for Twitch chatters or viewers, using the pause button will NOT stop your time. This means the countdown in the 'time left' column will continue, regardless of the order being paused. The pause button will temporarily stop the service, but the time will still tick.

control panel dashboard

Another highly requested feature is the ability to see when your service will end, now visible on your Control Panel under 'time left.' column

If you have specific requests, like gradually adding viewers or having chatters type messages slowly, you can either use the Live Chat feature or contact your Personal Manager directly through Telegram for any requirements.

How to Use the Raid Feature?

In your control panel, you will see a column called "Raid Left." This indicates the number of raids you have remaining. You can use these raids to raid any user on Twitch by typing "/raid" command on twitch chat panel.

IMPORTANT: When raiding someone, make sure the streamer has not disabled the raid option; otherwise, the raid will not be successful.

Once you raid someone, your "Raid Left" credit will be debited. If it shows 0, it means you have no raids left.

Only you can initiate a raid on a Twitch streamer. This means if you raided someone and that person tries to raid another, it won't work.

If you raided someone by mistake and want to cancel the raid, just click on the pause button. This will stop the raid, and your viewers will return to your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My viewers are not showing. What should I do?

First, go to the control panel and click on the pause button. Wait for 2 minutes and then resume. Wait for another 5 minutes. Your viewers should show up. If not, please contact us via live chat or email at mail@followerspanda.com. Be sure to record a 5-minute video as proof.

2. How do I stop a raid?

Use the pause and resume button in your control panel to stop a raid.

3. What are raid credits?

You will see all your raid credits in the "Raid Left" column. As soon as you raid someone, the credits will be debited.

We are thrilled to launch these features to enhance your Twitch streaming journey, helping you potentially earn money from Twitch!

At FollowersPanda, we are dedicated to ensuring your Twitch journey is successful. Start earning and enjoy being a valued member of the FollowersPanda family.