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Who is Jeff Gerstmann’s wife: a peek into his personal life

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Jeff Gerstmann’s wife

Widely known as Jeff Gerstmann in the eGaming & streaming community, Jeffrey Michael Gerstmann is the founder of Giant Bomb popular gaming & well-known video game journalist. He kicked off his career as a video game journalist in the early 1990s.

During his career, he has been recognized with numerous accolades, including one from Complex Magazine. He was also involved in the music industry, forming a band called Suburban All-stars & a duo called Midnight Brown.

But there has been a shroud of mystery around Jeff Gerstmann’s personal life, especially Jeff Gerstmann’s wife. Much has been talked about & written about Jeff Gerstmann’s wife, but this information needs to be clarified. So we decided to help you take a peek into you’re his life, especially Jeff Gerstmann’s wife.

Let’s begin.

Jeff Gerstmann: A Quick Bio

Jeffrey Michael Gerstmann was born in Los Angeles, the United States, on 1st Aug 1975. His birth sign is Leo. From a young age, Jeff was attracted to music, gaming & journalism. As mentioned above, he has been a part of one Band & a Duo.

But he found his true passion in the Video game. He won the NFL Blitz tournament in 1997. Jeff has been a former director of GameSpot, a popular Gaming website. He joined GameSpot in 1996. Here, he used to create podcasts.

Jeff Gerstmann

Later, he became the co-founder of Giant Bomb, another gaming website, which brought him immense popularity & fame. He founded this company with his childhood buddy Ryan Davis. But the company was stuck with tragedy when Ryan Davis passed away. But somehow, Jeff managed the company efficiently.

Recently, Jeff announced that he would leave Giant Bomb for unknown reasons. We will keep you posted about that here.

Now let’s come to our primary question, Who is Jeff Gerstmann’s wife?

Who is Jeff Gerstmann’s wife?

Jeff Gerstmann has always been tight-lipped about their personal life, sparking even more interest. But in 2016, he announced via a podcast on Giant Bomb that he married his long-time girlfriend. Although there was no disclosure on who she was, we know (based on reliable sources) that Jeff Gerstmann’s wife is Jessica Elliot.

Check out this funny banter between Jeff & his wife:

There needs to be more information available about Jessica Elliot online. In fact, Jeff has never posted any pictures of his wife online. But according to some sources, she owns an artificial jewelry store. She also designs artificial jewelry for the fashion industry. Together Jeff & Jessica are believed to have 2 kids.

Jeff Gerstmann’s wife

Jeff Gerstmann: What’s his net-worth?

Jeff Gerstmann was the co-founder of Giant Bomb, a very popular website. So he is obviously a millionaire. Apart from this, he generates good revenue from his twitch live stream & Patreon.

He has around 45 k subs on twitch & 6504 Patreon. Calculating based on this data & considering incomes from twitch ads, we can say Jeff Gerstmann is making anything north of $ 70,000 per month & south of $ 80,000 per month.

Clint Stevens is also a Famous Twitch personality that can amuse you, learn about Clint Stevens.

Final thoughts

Jeff Gerstmann is a wonderful video game journalist we all love to see & hear. We wish him a happy life with his wife, Jessica Elliot & the family. All we want from him is never to stop the stream!

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  1. Is Jeff Gerstmann married?

Yes, he has been married since 2016

  1. What does Jeff Gerstmann’s wife do?

She is a jewelry designer by profession, based on some reliable sources.

  1. Why Jeff Gerstmann left Giant Bomb?

He has not specified any reason for this move, but the reason can be personal.

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