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How old is clint stevens? Clint Stevens age, Networth, Real name & complete Bio

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clint stevens age

Clint Stevens is a very popular American streamer, YouTuber, online gamer & rising twitch star. With a strong following on YouTube, he is well known among twitch users as a Zelda-franchise game specialist. He became popular on YouTube after he started uploading his gaming videos on the platform in 2016.

Clint Stevens age

In this piece of information, we will look at various personal details of Clint Stevens, including Clint Stevens age, net worth, girlfriend & much more.

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What is Clint Stevens age?

As per the available details, Clint Stevens was born on 19th January 1994 in the United States. So Clint Steven’s age right now is 28 years. Although he is of mixed ethnicity, he holds citizenship in the United States of America.

He started very young, uploading his first video of the game “Ocarina of Time”  in 2015 on YouTube. Once that video became rapidly popular, he started playing other Zelda-franchise games like “Outlast,” “Dark Soul 2” & “The Wolf Among Us.” He regularly uploaded his videos on YouTube & his popularity rose exponentially.

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What is Clint Steven’s Network?

Well, this is one of the people’s most common questions about their favorite celebrities. The same goes for Clint Stevens. While the exact numbers can be quite blurry, after going through his earnings, sponsorship details & YouTube popularity, we derived that Client Steven’s net worth should be in the range of $ 1 Million to $ 1.2 Million.

What is Clint Stevens Monthly income?

This is another guesswork, but we have solid numbers to back our guesswork. But first, let us tell you how much is Clint Steven’s Monthly income according to us. We believe he is making something North of $ 12,000 & South of $ 20,000.

Clint Stevens age

How we derived these numbers? Well, we considered his paid subscriber list, twitch ads, donations, sponsors ads & YouTube Earnings. So, we can say these numbers are close to the actual ones.

What is Clint Stevens real name?

A lot of streamers chose an alias while streaming. So it’s understandable if you think Clint Steven’s real name is something else. But that’s not the case. Clint Stevens is his real name only.

Clint Stevens age

What is Clint Stevens height & weight?

From his videos, it’s easy to conclude that Clint Steven is a short guy. Based on certain details, he looks around 5 feet 6 inches tall. He is not a bulky guy. So his weight should be around 60 kg.

Parting thoughts

We hope we have clearly answered your question on Clint Stevens age & much more. To learn more about your favorite streamers, stay tuned with us here.


  1. What is Clint Steven’s age?

Clint Steven’s age is 28 years.

  1. Is Clint Stevens a regular streamer?

He is not a regular streamer, but he still enjoys fan-following.

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