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What does “o7” mean on twitch? A quick guide

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“o7” meaning on twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms for gamers. There are practically millions of twitch users who are constantly consuming the gaming content on it. These people hail from various cultures, countries, ethnicity & regions.

To assist this wide variety of people in communicating with each other effortlessly, a twitch ecosystem originated on its own. But as this ecosystem was based on thousands of cultural references, ideas & norms, even an avid streamer would sometimes find it difficult to understand a thing or two.

Such a lack of understanding or a complete misunderstanding can derive a different meaning for any emote. One term that confuses twitch users a lot is “o7” emote. We regularly come across people who ask what the meaning of o7 twitch is. So we decided to answer this question in the easiest & simplest possible way.

o7 twitch

Let’s check out what o7 twitch means.

What is o7 twitch?

O7 is an emote that is used to express “the Salute”! Yes, you are reading it correctly; o7 means a salute in twitch. How?

Well, it’s super easy to understand if you have a contract. Here, “o” represents head & “7” represents a saluting arm! So “o7” looks like a persona is saluting. We hope everything makes sense now, right?

o7 twitch

But there is more to it. Generally, the Salute is done with the Right hand. But on digital platforms, no other symbol can signify the right arm, so the streamers had to do away with “7”!

When is “o7” used?

As mentioned above, it’s a symbol of Salute, and Salute commands Respect. So this symbol is used in gaming when someone does something respectable, like sacrificing themselves to save others.

So if you are getting spammed with an “o7” emote, rest assured, you have done some commendable work! There are so many other emotes on twitch, but by far, “o7” is the most popular.

Final thoughts

We hope this guide has answered all your questions about the “o7” emote. Check out this quick video for more details. To get more piece of information visit us here.


  1. What is “o7” in twitch?

“o7” is the emote used to express Salute.

  1. When to use the “o7” emote?

It is generally used when a gaming character does something that demands Respect.

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