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What does Booba emote mean in twitch? Origin & Uses

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Booba emote meaning in Twitch

If you are an avid twitch fan, we are 100% sure you must have come across or at least heard about Booba Emote, right? The green Pepe frog, in a dashing black tux, with those big two eyes throbbing out of the socket & a wide grin on the face! Yup, that’s the famous Booba Emote on twitch.

But what does Booba emote mean in twitch? How it originated? When should you use it? We will answer all your questions here.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What does it mean on twitch?

This is a general expression of something sexy that is going on! This emote generally used when the steamer looks too hot to handle (male or female) or they are streaming something sexy. It can also be used when something ironic happens in the game, like the pet’s butt is visible or something of that sort!

Booba emote

How it originated?

The story is quite interesting! In 2020, someone placed the meme of Pepe the frog, starring with the bulged eyes on the image of Elizabeth Olsen (yeah, Scarlet Witch!) with the misspelled words “Booba” instead of “Boobs.” That individual named this meme “Awooga.”

But later, it was added to BTTV under the name “Booba.” Now it can be used as an emote on twitch. A lot of users use this meme on Dr. Disrespect’s streams, Dr Disrespect’s has a lot of unique traits and hence the viewers keep commenting this emote on his streams.


How to use the Booba Emote on twitch?

Although this is very popular on twitch, it would surprise you to know that it’s not available on twitch itself! So how to use it on twitch? Well, there are two ways. You can visit BTTV or FrankerFacez browser extension.

Most of the streamers prefer BTTV, but FrankerFacez will do the job too. These extensions allow twitch streamers to add emotes of their choice, which are unavailable on twitch itself. That’s how you can add it to your twitch account.

All you have to do is visit both the extensions’ respective websites, download the extensions & install them on your browser & you are ready to roll!

Note: Apart from the ability to use Booba emote, you can use these extensions for a plethora of different things too.

Booba emote

When should you use the Booba emote on twitch?

As Booba emote means something sexy, it can be used when some interesting & sexy, hot, or arousing event is going on the stream. This can be anything from a hot-looking streamer to something sexy in the stream itself.

You can also use it to showcase irony! Here are top 10 Booba moments on twitch from Pepegachat. Don’t miss’em!

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  1. What is Booba emote on twitch?

Booba emote on twitch is used when something sexy or hot is happening on the stream.

  1. How to use Booba emote?

You can add it on twitch using third-party extensions like BTTV or FrankerFacez.

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