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How to get verified on twitch

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Steven Gannon

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How to get verified on twitch

Getting that purple verification badge on twitch is a lifelong dream of many streamers. Twitch verified badge is a symbol of pride & popularity on twitch. Especially if you are quite popular on twitch, people will be trying to impersonate you.

But how to get verified on twitch? Are there some criteria to do so? Well, here’s a quick guide to help you out.

 How to get verified on twitch in a few simple steps!

If you are wondering how to get verified on twitch, the simple answer is becoming a twitch partner. Now there are two ways to become a twitch partner. Let’s explore both of them.

Method 1: Work extensively on your twitch channel

The most popular & simple way to get your twitch account verified is by growing your twitch channel. Twitch has set certain criteria for streamers to achieve this feat. Here’s a quick look on what are the criteria for becoming a twitch partner:

  1. 25-hour streaming: This is the first and foremost requirement. To become a verified twitch streamer, you must stream for 25 hours.
  2. Consistent streaming for 12 days is another key factor for becoming a twitch partner. You can’t just complete your streaming target of 25 hours in two days. You have to stream consistently for 12 different days
  3. 75 viewers on average: If you want twitch to make you a partner, it needs to verify that you are creating content that attracts viewers consistently. So, you will have to achieve 75 viewers on average.

You can apply to become a twitch partner once you fulfill these criteria. And once your application is approved, you can get a verified badge on twitch.

Method2:  Utilize your Social Media Popularity

If you are hugely popular on multiple Social Media platforms or are on other streaming platforms,  twitch has something great to offer. You can easily leverage this popularity to get a verified badge on twitch.

All you have to do is fill out this application form & submit it to twitch support. Once they go through your detail, verify them & are satisfied with all your details, they can directly offer you a verified badge.

But as we mentioned earlier, you need a massive following on those platforms to get verified via this method.

How to get verified on twitch chat?

A lot of scammers try to impersonate famous personalities in twitch chats. To prevent this, twitch offers a verified badge in the chat. So if you want to get a verified badge in twitch chat, you must be a verified twitch partner.

Follow the steps mentioned above to attain twitch partner status. You can also checkout this quick video guide on how to get verified on twitch.


Closing thoughts

Becoming a twitch partner from scratch can be tricky. But with consistency & dedication, you can get that status. We hope this quick guide on how to get verified on twitch in this quest.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about twitch streaming on our blogs here.

Happy Streaming!

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