How To Get Free Twitch Followers | 100% Working Method

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How to Get Free twitch followers step by step guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these followers bot or real?Answer : These followers are bots, but we make it look completely natural. All of our accounts have a real profile picture and a real username.2. Will I get ban from twitch ?Answer : No, You won’t. Twitch is an open platform; anyone can watch anyone’s stream without the streamer even knowing. Twitch even mentions that the channel owners won’t get ban if they have been bombarded with followers or viewers as it is not in their control.Here is twitch official statement regarding botting : How much time it takes to deliver free twitch followers?Answer : It will only take a maximum of 5 minutes to deliver your free followers. If you for any reason have not received your free followers, contact us at [email protected]4. Do you require my twitch username & password ?Answer : No, We don’t require your twitch password. Nor would we ask you for your confidential data. We only need your username to deliver followers to you.5. Will people know I have bought twitch followers ?Answer : If you are getting twitch followers for free or paid. We always suggest that you maintain your engagement. If you have 100 followers, then it is assumed that at least you have 3-6 concurrent viewers. You can buy twitch live viewers service from here : Do I have to enter my twitch username or Link ?Answer : You need to enter your twitch username.7. Can I get free followers more than once ?Answer : No, You can’t. It is one per user.8. Is it safe to get free twitch followers ?Answer : Yes, As we said above, our followers look totally legit, and twitch won’t ban the channel. As  twitch is an open platform, and anyone can bombard anyone with followers or viewers.

How to get more followers on twitch for free ?

Twitch is becoming one of the biggest platforms for streamers. In 2020, it had more than 143 million viewers. After the pandemic, people are switching more towards online streams. It is estimated that twitch is going to add another 70 million viewers by 2023.Not only that, It pays its user much better than Youtube does. So If you are one of the aspiring twitch streamers, then we have got your back. We are giving you ten twitch followers for absolutely free. Get free followers from followerspanda and increase your organic growth.Benefitting from our service, People will start noticing your channel, and slowly you will grow. Moreover, you can buy our twitch viewers service for better ranking in the twitch browse section.


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